Company’s history & development

Today AGRIC SA is a Geneva based company founded in 2004 and targeted at performing commercial operations in agro-industrial sector. The company specializes in trading of agricultural commodities and other related resources. During the period of stable and successful growth of global sales, AGRIC SA widened the range of traded products, improved the logistics technology and merited the solid reputation of respectable and reliable partner, which helps to maintain a number of long-lasting business partnerships in the core activity markets.

Company’s focuses & operations

AGRIC SA has been steadily developing its geographical focus from the Black Sea origination towards business destinations as the Mediterranean Europe, North Africa, Middle East, South-East Asia, India and China. We have a solid global client base, where Agric’s customers are leading entities in their respective markets.

Contact us

 Rue Agasse 54 1208 Geneva
 + 41 22 716 22 80
 + 41 22 716 22 89