AGRIC SA has years of experience in trading of various agriculture commodities. The range includes vegetable oils and by-products (general and granulated seed meal, granulated husks), generic crops and pulses, oilseeds and beans.
For agriculture commodities AGRIC SA has a particular strength in Black Sea origination region. We have direct access to local crushing and processing plants, silos, storages and related logistics and warehousing facilities located in the oilseeds production areas as well as in the main grain crops regions. We have established and developed good partnership relations with the major local agriculture entities.


Commodities that come from the raising of crops are among the most important traded positions.

The vegetable oil processing industry involves the extraction and processing of oils and fats from vegetable sources. Vegetable oils and fats are principally used for human consumption but are also used in animal feed, for medicinal purposes, and for certain technical applications.
By-products from the vegetable oil industry are used both for feeding and also in some industrial spheres.

Vegetable oils in bulk

Bulk vegetable oils program is the historically developed part of our business.

Vegetable oils in flexy-tanks

Vegetable oils in flexitank is a good and very efficient alternative to bulk vessel shipments. The containers can be transported by road, railway or sea. The containers with your cargo can be delivered to any point worldwide.

Vegetable oils in different types of packaging(1,2,3,5 lt)

Following the growing market potential, we are constantly working on expanding the packaging type variety.

Granulated husks in bulk

Granulated sunflower husks, being an integral part of our trade-flows, are known as valuable source of the "green" energy.

General and granulated oilseed meal in bulk

Meal is an important by-product of oilseeds processing being a high-value protein feed component for livestock. AGRIC SA trades different types of meal (Sunflower seed, Safflower seed, Rapeseed, Soybean, Camelina seeds) to the main destination markets.
AGRIC SA is one of the major suppliers of Black Sea origin grains such as milling and feed wheat, malting and feed barley, sorghum and corn. The annual volume of grains averages up to 1,5 million mt.
AGRIC SA performs numerous tasks such as originating, trading and consulting counterparties worldwide about the situation at Russian market.

Wheat in bulk

AGRIC SA is one of the major suppliers of Black Sea origin grains such as milling and feed wheat.

Other grains in bulk

Malting and feed barley, sorghum and corn are the integral part of our grains program.
AGRIC SA is active in oilseeds trading. Primarily we trade sunflower seeds, rapeseeds and soya beans.
AGRIC SA has the expertise in bulk pulses sales and now actively develop container-based shipments. We are mainly focused to continuity and long term supply partnership. We provide maximum flexibility in terms of delivery schedules; adequately meeting varied needs of clients. For small consignment of pulses, we provide containerized shipment while large quantities are delivered through dedicated bulk vessels. Through our unique value proposition, we offer supply of pulses to clients from all over the world.

Pulses in bulk

Large quantities are delivered through dedicated bulk vessels.
This is made possible through our Freight team, fully specialized in vessel chartering for small and medium grain carrying vessels.

Pulses in containers

For transporting pulses internationally, the shipping container is a natural choice. Unlike cereal grains, which are typically shipped in bulk, pulses usually move in smaller shipments because that's what buyers want.


Mediterranean Europe, North Africa, Middle East, South-East Asia, India and China